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5 Tips for Changing Colours in Corner to Corner Crochet

Searching for some crochet articles on another topic we came across Ashlea's blog – Heart Hook Home or rather her article '5 Tips for Changing Colors in Corner to Corner Crochet'. We think those tips could be useful to some of you.

Here they are:

  • 1. Use the 5:2 chain method for Corner to Corner (instead of the 6:3).
  • 2. Change colors with the slip stitch instead of traditional color change method.
  • 3. Don't 'carry' the yarn too far.
  • 4. Bobbins are your best friends.
  • 5. Do not weave in ends until at least three rows past that point.

You can read about them in details on Ashlea's blog. Also, please watch her YouTube video on this topic (below):