My name is Lina and I am an independent crochet and knitting pattern designer with almost 30 years of relevant experience. I first learnt to knit when I was a seven year old child. I inherited my love to knitting, crochet and all things crafty from my beloved grandmother. I remember that time when I would sit by her side and watch her knitting socks, crocheting rugs or embroidering a tablecloth. It was so fascinating to observe how simple straight yarn was becoming a texture, shape and item. Soon my grandma taught me how to cast on and knit basic stitches. My first projects were doll’s clothes and accessories.

Observing my interest for some time, my Mum arranged lessons for me with her good friend who was a professional knitter and crocheter. I learnt a lot of great things from her, for instance, how to interpret knitting and crochet patterns, read symbol and colour charts, adapt designs to different sizes as well as write my own patterns.

Pattern World began its life as a simple hobby website few years ago. After selling my first patterns on different online platforms and receiving positive feedbacks from happy customers I realised that there is some interest in my designs and decided to create a new website where my crochet and knitting patterns are sold, free video tutorials as well as my inspiration findings and various craft projects are shared with my customers and followers within my blog.

At this stage of my life I enjoy creating baby items, especially blankets made using intarsia technique.

Definition: Intarsia - a method of knitting with a number of colours, in which a separate length or ball of yarn is used for each area of colour.

Having Diploma in Interior Design and currently working as a Graphic Designer I utilise all my knowledge and experience when developing ideas for my future crochet and knitting patterns.

I believe that many of you will find Pattern World as a beneficial resort for inspiration and interesting projects.