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Frequently Asked Questions


How to Register an Account?

  • Choose LOGIN from website menu.
  • Fill REGISTER form in and click SUBMIT button.
  • Verify your email by CLICKING the LINK that has been sent by our system to the email address entered in Register form.
  • After the email has been verified you may log in to your account.

Why do I Need to Register an Account?

All your purchased patterns are stored in your account Library and can be accessed and downloaded at any time in case you loose your file or it gets corrupted.
Also it is a safer way to deliver an uncorrupted pdf file to a customer.

What Email Address Should I Use to Register an Account?

You can use any active email to register an account. However, it is prefered that an email, you are purchasing your pattern with (stated in PayPal), is used. Thus, the system is able to link your purchase with your accont.
Should you choose to register an account with a different email, you will be asked to add the email, that was used for purchasing a pattern, to your account.

Why do I Need to Verify my Email Addresses?

Due to security reasons we need to verify your email. We want to make sure your data is protected and not anyone else,but you is trying to use your email for making a purchase on our website.

I have not Received a Verification Email. What should I do?

Please allow from 3 to 5 minutes for the email to be delivered. Sometimes servers have short delays to deliver emails.
Do not forget to check your Spam/Junk forder in case our email is not in your Inbox one.
If the above mentioned is not the case, please, contact us, chossing CONTACT from our website menu.


My Purchased Pattern is not in my Account Library.

There are two reasons for that:
1. Your payment has not gone through or it is pending. As soon as your payment is cleared by PayPal, our system will add the pattern to your Library automatically.
2. Your account email is different from the one is stated in PayPal. Thus, the system is not able to link your purchase with your account.
In this case all you need to do is to add your PayPal email to your account using ADD EMAIL facility within your account. Also, you will be asked to verify your PayPal email for security reasons.

My Downloaded File is Corrupted. What Should I Do?

More likely your file was corrupted during downloading process. Even a short connection loss during this proces can lead to file corruption.
If your file is corrupted, please return to your account library and re-download the file. Should the problem persists, please, contact us, chossing CONTACT from our website menu.

Purchases & Security

Do I need to have a PayPal Account?

No, having a PayPal account is not a must. We accept both PayPal and Card payments. Second will be processed via PayPal payment system.
Choose to check out as Guest when directed to PayPal.

Do you store my PayPal details?

We do not have any access to your PayPal or card details. All payments are securely processed via PayPal payment system.


What am I buying?

You are buying a PDF pattern version - a digital booklet with instructions for making an introduced item.
Please note, it is NOT a printed physical booklet or finished crochet item!

What does a Pattern Include?

Every pattern includes:
1. Item finished size.
2. Gauge/Tension.
3. Full list of materials.
4. Description of a work order.
5. Full written row-by-row instructions for blanket body and border(if applied).
6. Full blanket body colour chart/graph.
7. Basic photo tutorial on how to make colour change (for single crochet intarsia blankets).
8. Some patterns include written row-by-row instructions for left-handed crocheters.

I am a Begginer. How Easy are your Patterns?

Most of our patterns are for intermediate skilled crochet. We tried to create patterns as detailed as possible. However, it is still a pattern and not a step-by-step tutorial, so you are expected to have some crochet skilles and be able to read and understand crochet instructions.
If you are not familiar with techniques used to create an introduced item, it is advised you get some knowledge about them first and try applying to a small sample. As soon as you understand basics and princeples of the technique you may want to try working on a larger project.


Can I get a Refund?

Due to nature of products (digital), a pattern can not be returned back. Thus, refunds can be issued ONLY when a pattern has not been downloaded.