Handmade Baby Blanket is a Labour of Love. It is the Ultimate Baby Shower Gift!

When it comes to baby showers, there are lots of different gifts you can crochet for a newborn baby. I have decided to undertake a research of what happy mums appreciate the most as a shower gift and came to a conclusion that handmade items are the most loved and appreciated. Handmade treasures make memorable baby shower gifts. Crochet and knitted blankets are a wonderful addition to any nursery.


Every baby must have at least one special blanket that can be washed and hidden into a keepsake memory box afterwards. Keeping this in mind I have designed “It’s a Girl” and “It’s a Boy” crochet blankets that, I hope, could become very special gift for a very special baby :)





I wanted my design to communicate softness, light, spring blossom, warmness, cuteness and tenderness. Thus, when creating my moodboard, I have carefully selected images that, in my opinion, correspond to the above mention very well. Looking at a sleeping newborn baby fills any heart with tenderness. Bunnies are cute, fluffy and soft creatures that evoke adoration. Rounded shapes and curvy lines also provide my design with soft and tender tone of voice.






Pink! Girls must have pink!  I believe, it is not a must. However, it is some kind of convention. So I am following the rules :) Also pink colours are warm and correspond with my design idea. Baby pink and white represent spring blossom and light with a splash of brighter pink and a hint of grey to break plain look.


Keeping in mind what I want to achieve yarn sourcing has been done. Here are my findings: New Fashion acrylic yarn by Woolcraft – 100 gr per ball – 300 m:


White (Shade: 7F76)

Baby Pink (Shade: 2F79)

Fondant (Shade: 291H)

Silver Cloud (Shade: 1000)

Black (Shade: 940)





Idea Generation and Development


Well… I spent some time working on the main character of my design sketching and rendering a lot. I am so pleased with what I have achieved! Meet newborn bunny girl!

I have placed my sleeping bunny within a circle that symbolizes family circle and security provided by loving parents.














Day 1


I always start my blankets at bottom right corner working upwards. Sometimes I prefer not to crochet very small details of design, but to cross stitch them over after blanket is completed. I noticed that, when  yarn “tails” are weaved in within small parts of design, those parts become much thicker than the rest of the item texture and does not look and feel right.


Thus, I have decided to cross stitch apostrophe between “It” and “s”, dots of "i" and exclamation mark as well as bunny’s eyelids.









Day 2


More yarn balls (bobbins), more tangles, but it is so exciting to see its growing!!!





Day 3


This is the hardest part as there are up to 16 separate balls of yarn are in work at the same time. A lot of people find it very frustrating to deal with yarn tangles. I would like to give you few tips on how I deal with it.


1. Make actual balls of yarn by hand and keep them in a box or bucket during crocheting. Round shape helps them to rotate easily within the box.

Some people prefer to use special plastic bobbins or pegs where a bobbin secures the yarn from unwinding. You can do that too if you are comfortable with it. I choose not to use bobbins. I find it a waste of time unwinding every bit of yarn when I need to crochet a small segment of design. I love my rhythm when I am crocheting.


2. Keep your yarn box at a lower level to your crocheting.

For instance, if you are sitting on the chair have your box on the floor. It will help a certain length of yarn to hang freely and to be pulled out easily when you need it.


3. Alternate clockwise and anticlockwise rotation of your work at the end of row.

I find this action very useful to reduce yarn tangling. Following this rule will not make your crocheting completely tangle free, however, it will reduce it a lot. At the end of row 1 rotate/turn your work clockwise. Complete row 2 and rotate/turn anticlockwise. At the end of row 3 – clockwise, keep alternating your rotations in every following row.


4. Do not forget to remove yarn that is no longer in use.

When a segment of design is completed and corresponding yarn is no longer in use, cut it off leaving a 5 to 10 cm “tail” to be weaved in later. Remove that ball of yarn from your box. Fewer balls - less tangles – easy to crochet!


5. Pay less attention to your yarn balls. Let them be. You should be enjoying the process rather than spending your time by unravelling tangles every couple of rows. I start unravel my tangles only when I am not able to pull yarn out easily :) Thus, I did it just a couple of times during current project.





Day 4 - 6


Finally the blanket body is completed. I am happy with outcome.


Just few bits are left to be added:

  • Cross stitching of bunny’s eyelids and dots within lettering
  • Weaving yarn ends in
  • Steaming




How to weave in yarn ends to achieve a perfect reverse blanket side >>> Read in the following article >>>