Crochet Intarsia - Weaving in Yarn Ends to Achieve a Perfect Reverse Blanket Side

The most common question that I am asked is how a reverse side of my intarsia blankets looks like. My answer is as neat as a front.

Any intarsia design isn't complete until the ends are woven in. So I have decided to create a picture tutorial on how I weave in “yarn tails” on the back side of my blankets.


I have seen many tutorials on this topic and noticed that other knitters and crocheters use a tapestry needle for this activity. I don’t. I personally prefer using a smaller size hook. However, there is no “wrong” or “right” and you should choose a tool that you are comfortable with.



I usually start from the top of my blanket working downwards. Use the nearest colour segment of your design to hide a yarn end of the same colour. Lead your yarn end along the border (outline) of that colour segment (Fig.1, 9).


Insert the hook in a loop or a stitch at the boundary of two design colour segments. In this case – white and pink areas (Fig.2). Pull the yarn “tail” through. Repeat the same step few more times – about 2-4 cm (Fig. 3-8). Cut off the remaining end leaving about 5 mm. Do not cut too close to the fabric otherwise the end can pop out on a right side of your blanket.