My Pattern is not in my Library


Your pattern has not appeared in your Library due to your PayPal email (the one you have made your purchase with) is different from your LOGIN email (the one you have used to register your account). Thus, the system is not able to link your purchase with your account.




All you need to do is to add your PayPal email to your account. In order to do that please:


  • Login to your Pattern World account.

  • Click on ACCOUNT SETTINGS button that is located next to your Library button.

  • Click on ADD EMAIL button.


  • Enter and repeat your PayPal email (the one you have made your purchase with) in the provided form and click ADD EMAIL button.


  • After the email has been added a conformation message should appear on your screen. Also you should be able to see your email listed under EMAILS CURRENTLY ASSOSIATED WTH YOUR ACCOUNT section with NOT CONFIRMED status.


  • Due to security reasons all newly added emails must be verified. An automated email with a verification link is sent to that email. Check the email you have just added and click on verification link.

  • Should you proceed correctly with the above steps you would be able to find all your purchased patterns in your account Library.

  • If you still, by some reason, are not able to find your purchased patterns, please do not hesitate to contact us.